How We Help

H.A.R.P aims to transform the spiritual and physical lives of people in need by providing services to senior, citizens, veterans, disabled adults, victims of domestic assault, natural disasters victims, and low-income families. These

needs are met through 5 main programs :

Just The Basics
Providing basic living items which are essential for daily life to low-income 

families, veterans, senior citizens and disabled individuals.

Making Disciples
Teaching youth groups to serve God by helping those in-need.

Living in Hope
Addressing housing insecurity issue by providing home-maintenance, repairs, and temporary housing.

Learning to Earn

Helping those having difficulty finding employment by providing job training and 

finding permanent job opportunities. 

Disaster Response

Providing early response and long term recovery to areas that have suffered from a natural disaster. 

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Just The Basics

'Just the Basics' program uses donations of in-kind material goods to supply basic items for daily living to low-income and impoverished individuals and families. Clients include those who have lost belongings because of house fires, medical issues, mental  health issues , and drug/alcohol problems. Those who enter our "Just the Basics"program first meet with a case manager who identifies and verifies any needs. The case manager collaborates with the client to write and action plan that includes a self-sufficiency goal. Clients and case managers work together to determine a realistic level  of independence at which to aim.  Some clients we see don't even have beds for their children to sleep on or any kitchenware to cook meals. By providing these basic items to clients, we are helping them get one step closer to being self sufficient.  Click here to see some items we need most. 

Making Disciples


Servant Event Mission Trips provide a way for volunteers to give their time, talent,treasure and testimony to needy people in Southeast Ohio.These construction and
repair events, which provide housing adequacy for our clients, can span over a day,
weekend, or a week. H.A.R.P provides projects, connections, coaching, and

a base of operations with a fully equipped kitchen and showers for the volunteers. 

Learning to Earn


This program uses job and life skill coaches to teach the skills required for gainful employment. H.A.R.P provides coaching and training in warehouse management, truck driving, pick-up and delivery, construction, case management,customer relations, and inventory management. H.A.R.P also educates trainees on employability skills like hygiene, punctuality, and proper behavior for the workplace. H.A.R.P is currently taking on trainees for this program. Call H.A.R.P for more information. 


Living in Hope

The 'Living in Hope' program aims to help individuals and families that live in
environments which are considered unsafe or unsanitary. Veterans, senior citizens,
and disable adults often have difficulty maintaining their homes while young adults
who 'age out of the foster system' or encounter life-disrupting issues and need
temporary safe housing.  H.A.R.P aims to resolve these issues by providing
furnishing assistance, home repairs, and temporary housing. 
H.A.R.P often utilizes it's 'Making Disciples' program to provide home repairs
,wheelchair ramps, and handicapped accessible bathrooms. Temporary housing is
being established on a property near the H.A.R.P job training center and warehouse.
This year so far, H.A.R.P has helped 68 senior citizens, 26 veterans, and
families restore their homes to a safe and secure environment. 

Disaster Response


H.A.R.P provides material goods and volunteers to assist families devastated    by natural disaster that bring great damage or loss of life that is beyond the community's ability to cope using its own resources. H.A.R.P is contracted by NALC to store and transport donated relief supplies to affected areas all over the U.S. H.A.R.P's director, Mary Bates, has been working with disaster relief for over 25 years.