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Your skills and time can make a big difference in people’s lives.

Our mission depends upon the service of our volunteers.

Servant Events

Servant Event volunteer groups are welcomed at H.A.R.P all year.  These mission trips provide a way for volunteers to give their time, talent, treasure, and testimony to low income families in need including seniors, disabled adults, and veterans. These construction and repair events, which provide housing adequacy and security for our clients, can span over a day, weekend, or a week. H.A.R.P provides projects, connections, coaching, and a base of operations with a fully equipped kitchen and showers for the volunteers. 

Day to Day Volunteers

Our warehouse and office volunteers are a vital part of H.A.R.P's work in the community. If you are simply looking to give back to our community and help others or are completing school or court ordered volunteer hours, contact H.A.R.P for all available opportunities.


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